Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Recreating Leah Chase's Gumbo

The Bon Appetit Test Kitchen crew

Over the past two years or so, Bon Appetit magazine has developed a very successful YouTube channel. By bringing cameras into the magazine's test kitchen, the recipe testers have become video stars in their own right.

There's Brad Leone's ADD energy and off-the-cuff remarks. There's Claire Saffitz and her love of crafting and endless perfectionism in making gourmet versions of junk food--think Bagel Bites, Doritos, or Starburst. Sohla El-Wayliy is the queen of tempering chocolate.

Armed with a couple of dozen tasting spoons, test kitchen director Chris Morocco has his own show as well. On his show, Morocco must recreate dishes from famous chefs by taste. He can touch, smell, and taste the dishes, but he cannot look at them. In previous episodes, Morocco has recreated Guy Fieri's Trash-Can Nachos and Snoop Dog's Lobster Thermidor.

Last week, Morocco took on a new challenge--Leah Chase's famed gumbo. How'd it go? Watch below for yourself.

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