Wednesday, February 8, 2012


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I've been to Boston plenty of times, both for business and just for fun.  It is a great city that is always a pleasure to visit.  Being a New Orleanian at heart, I have a fondness for old American port cities.  Port cities have a special character, and their economic and cultural significance usually means that there's a great deal of historical preservation, often right alongside the high rises and modern architecture of our modern industrial  society.  In this regard, Boston does not disappoint.  I love how the wonderfully preserved stables of the Boston cityscape can appear around a corner almost out of nowhere while at the same time feeling like ever-present landmarks.

We did a little work around Boston last week, and because we were flying out early in the morning we decided to stay at the Logan Airport Hilton on our last night in the area.  A few of us didn't feel like eating at the airport and were having trouble figuring out what to do about it until Mark Ihrie from Sights and Sounds suggested that we head over to the original Cheers on Beacon Hill.  

It immediately struck me that out of all the times I have been to Boston, I had never been to Cheers, neither the Beacon Hill original, nor the Marketplace replica!  So of course I immediately said yes and we grabbed a cab.

I have to say that was a really nice experience.  The bar is cozy with some decent beer on tap and awesome Tiffany lampshades.  Bill also got himself a little Cheers memorabilia, although the magnets that he purchased caused him to accidentally pilfer some cutlery.  You can see in the picture below that unbeknownst to Bill a knife has hitched a ride on his bag.

After dinner the night was young, so we attempted to take the scenic walking route down to the Marketplace Cheers replica.  It was a great stroll for a while, but it was a little too chilly for my southern sensibilities, so we ducked into the Beantown Pub.  It's a cool little pub on Tremont street not far from Boston Commons.  It has a nice vibe, plenty of pool tables, great wait staff, and bartenders that are generous when they mix a drink.  

We ended up hanging out at Beantown until the Bruins game was over, and it started getting a tad too crowded and rowdy.  I don't know much of anything about hockey, but Bill is a big Flyers fan.  He assured me that losing 3-0 is not something that makes one terribly happy, so we got while the getting was good.

All and all it was a great night, and I'll have to remember to check out the Cheers down by Faneuil Hall next time I'm in Boston.  It was a reminder that sometimes it's good to do the touristy stuff, even in your home town.  My wife and I love being home-town tourists during the off season in New Orleans.  Ya'll should also check out the Beantown Pub if you are in Boston.  It is a fun little place.

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